“Energy’s Kids”

Ideas, and little children come from heaven. I am blessed to have been given both. I have a beautiful energetic granddaughter filled with energy, excitement and an inquisitive nature.

One day while watching her playing with her robots’, dolls, and eating donuts, I was inspired to design a customized clothing line specifically for children. This was my first venture inspired by my granddaughter’s name, and her loving spirit, Energy.

As I have made many lines of clothing, one of my most proud lines is “Energy's Kids”. With the blessings of my daughter, inspiration from my granddaughter, and the gifts from above, comes a line of clothing that takes children’s wear to a new level of creativity. Most of these children-inspired designs and ideas come straight from watching Energy do what kids do… play.

Please sit back and watch the inception of a series of designs called, “Energy's Kids.”

“Playing and having fun in style, just became a new thing!”